WallGames. #LaxBetter

We've known it for a while now.  If you want to get better at lacrosse, find a wall and play wall-ball.  It's something every coach tells their players to do.  Why?  Because it's a proven method of improving stick skill.  Rep after rep of throwing the ball against a wall and catching it simply improves a player's fundamental understanding of how to control their lacrosse stick.  The downside is that this can be boring after 5 minutes.  That's where WallGames comes in.  WallGames is a set of games that turns boring wall-ball into fast-paced, fun competitions, all the while, helping the players become super-skilled at stick control, agility, and conditioning.

WallGames was borne out of the need for field space in Brooklyn, New York, to teach lacrosse to an urban community.  After struggling to schedule practices and games for a K-12 program, on just one or two available fields, we began to ask ourselves how we could use existing recreation spaces in the city more effectively.  The answer was quite literally staring us in the face.  With the abundance of handball courts in New York City (over 2000 in the 5 boroughs), we had a platform that was begging to be used.  After one year of integrating WallGames into our practice regimens, not only did we alleviate field space headaches, we also saw stick skill improvement in players at every age group- not to mention kids playing WallGames on their own, outside of team practice.  See for yourself.  We're confident WallGames will help you play #LaxBetter.






The first city-wide WallGames competition is coming!  Stay-tuned for your opportunity to compete for cash, prizes, and entry into the inaugural Wall of Fame, as we gear up to host WallGames contests on handball courts all over NYC.  Explore the games and check back here, regularly, for updates and be sure to follow us @wallgameslacrosse.